About Golden Wire

Golden Wire was established in 1990 with the opening of its first shop in Al Rasheed. However, Golden Wire experience with welding goes back to more than 50 years, with the family members being welders since the 60s.

Since the establishment, the company has continued evolving into a bigger and more capable company, increasing its connections and gaining loyal customers, the company kept scaling up its profile year by year.

Golden Wire offers more than 1,000 items and products, from welding machines (Arc, TIG, MIG), welding electrodes (All Alloys), and welding wire (TIG and MIG, all alloys) to the small tools and accessories, light and heavy-duty, we also provide cutting edge latest technology inventions and modern solutions.

Golden Wire

Is The Exclusive Agent of

Greatec Welding Machines

MMA Machines

MIG Machines

TIG Machines

Plasma Cutting Machines

Intimax Welding Machines

MIG/MMA Machines

TIG/MMA Machines

Plasma Cutting Machines



Chemical Sprays

Hand Tools

Power Tools

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